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Terry Kelley of Jester Ministries
Terry Kelley - "The Balloon Man of Kentucky"

Read What Others Are Saying:
Three words describe Terry Kelly's presentations at the 2003 Senior Adult
Celebrations: Entertaining-Encouraging-Inspirational.

He skillfully used balloons, juggling, humor and illusions to connect Gospel
truths and everyday life. The senior adults responded warmly to his presentations.

Terry's commitment to the Lord and to serving others flows clearly through all he does. His positive attitude and relaxed style enable him to build relational bridges with people very easily.

Terry consistently demonstrated a cooperative and adaptable spirit both in
the preparation for and implementation of the 2003 Senior Celebrations.

I look forward to future ministry opportunities with Terry.

Karl D. Babb
Family Ministry Director

Terry was willing to do whatever was needed to make our Award Ceremony a success. He went the extra mile and entertained players prior to the start of our program." "Terry had our players and parents attention from the start. Terry has a heart for ministry that was evident onstage and backstage."

Jason Strickland
League Co-Director
Trigg County Upward Basketball
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